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Biological Roots of Criminal Behavior
Study Guide

1 .       Which of the following is not one of the fundamental assumptions of biological theories of crime causation? 


2 .       The early biological theory which studied the shape of the head to predict criminality was known as 


3 .       __________ is a concept used by Cesare Lombroso to suggest that criminality is the result of primitive urges which survived the evolutionary process. 


4 .       Which of the following traits is especially characteristic of a murderer, according to Lombroso? 


5 .       __________ reported finding physiological features characteristic of specific criminal types in individual states. 


6 .       Which of the following was not one of Ernst Kretschmer's mental categories? 


7 .       Which of the following foods has not been implicated in the production of criminal violence? 


8 .       The relationship between testosterone and aggressive behavior in young males appears to be moderated by 


9 .       According to Cohn and Rotton, the relationship between temperature and assaults is strongest during the __________ hours. 


10 .       The studies of the Jukes and Kallikak families emphasized __________ as the primary source of criminality. 


11 .       The purpose of the Human Genome Project is to determine the complete sequence of 


12 .       According to sociobiologists, the violence and aggressiveness associated with territoriality is often reserved for 


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