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The Endocrine System

On completion of this chapter, you should be able to:
  • Briefly describe the endocrine system.
  • Describe the primary functions of the various glands of the endocrine system.
  • Give the hormones and hormonal functions of the various endocrine glands.
  • Identify and give the meaning of the primary word elements for this chapter.
  • Analyze, build, spell, and pronounce selected medical words.
  • Describe selected diseases/disorders of the endocrine system.
  • List the warning signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus.
  • List six functions of epinephrine (Adrenalin, adrenaline).
  • Describe selected drugs that are used for endocrine system diseases or disorders.
  • Define selected abbreviations that pertain to the endocrine system.
  • Give the cause, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Addison's disease.
  • Complete the Case Study on Diabetes Mellitus Type I IDDM.
  • Successfully complete the review section.

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