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Loss, Grieving, and Death
NCLEX-PN Multiple Choice Questions

1 .       The physician tells your assigned client that their chest X-ray shows they have lung cancer. Based on your understanding of the work of Kubler-Ross, which of the following reactions would you most expect from this client during the next day or two? [Hint]


2 .       When working with a client who has recently experienced the loss of a family member, you find that the client talks about the loss frequently, complains of sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, and difficulty concentrating. You realize that these signs and symptoms indicate which of the following things? [Hint]


3 .       When a client is experiencing prolonged unresolved grief and engages in detrimental activities, the nursing diagnosis will most likely be which of the following? [Hint]


4 .       A client on artificial life support meets the criteria for death when the electroencephalogram (EEG) has been flat for which of the following periods of time? [Hint]


5 .       The nurse working in a long-term care facility is assigned to a client who is in a persistent vegetative state and who has a nasogastric feeding tube. The family asks to have the tube removed. What is the nurse's best course of action? [Hint]


6 .       A terminally ill client tells the nurse that they do not want to be placed on a ventilator, have CPR, or be intubated to prolong their life. Which of the following actions would most ensure that the client's wishes are carried out? [Hint]


7 .       When the body of a deceased client is prepared prior to removal by the undertaker, it is most important that the nursing staff in a health-care facility do which of the following? [Hint]


8 .       When one of your assigned clients dies, an autopsy will most likely be performed in which of the following circumstances? [Hint]


9 .       Which of the following statements best reflect the law in Oregon regarding euthanasia, which took place in 1997? [Hint]


10 .       When working with clients of other religions and cultures, which of the following groups of clients and their families would most likely agree to and encourage organ donation? [Hint]


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