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Stress and Coping
NCLEX-PN Multiple Choice Questions

1 .       When working with clients in regard to stress and stressors, which of the following statements should you keep in mind? [Hint]


2 .       Your assigned client in the hospital tells you that she recently scored high on the Holmes and Rahe life events stress scale. Which of the following responses to this client would be best? [Hint]


3 .       Using Hans Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome model of stress, you would expect to see which of the following signs and/or symptoms when a client experiences a stressor? [Hint]


4 .       When working with clients who are experiencing stressors and stress, the nurse using the transactional-based model of Richard Lazarus will most likely focus on which of the following? [Hint]


5 .       Your assigned client has been newly diagnosed with diabetes and needs to be instructed on insulin administration and diet before discharge from the hospital. You decide to assess the client before giving the instructions and find the client at a level 3 anxiety. Which of the following actions would be best on your part? [Hint]


6 .       A client is angry when learning from the physician that they have a serious health problem, but stays calm until later, when they yell at the nurse. This client is displaying which of the following defense mechanisms? [Hint]


7 .       A nurse would evaluate that the client has met the health guidelines recommended for exercise if the client has done a minimum of which of the following? [Hint]


8 .       The nurse is suffering from job burnout and has taken the first step of learning to recognize stress and personal reactions. Which of the following should the nurse do next? [Hint]


9 .       A client tells you that something you have done or not done has made them angry, and they want you to leave and get another nurse. What is the best thing for you to do or say? [Hint]


10 .       You are assessing a client who is experiencing a crisis. Which of the following characteristics of crisis are you most likely to find? [Hint]


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