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Skin Integrity and Wound Care
NCLEX-PN Multiple Choice Questions

1 .       You find that your newly assigned client has very shiny skin on their legs, has little or no leg hair, and the client reports that their skin damages easily. You would suspect that these signs and symptoms are related to: [Hint]


2 .       Your client has a pressure ulcer over the sacral area that is believed to be due to shearing force. The client's family asks you to explain shearing force. You would be most accurate if you tell the family that shearing force involves: [Hint]


3 .       When working with an older person, you would keep in mind that the older person is most likely to experience which of following changes with aging? [Hint]


4 .       You are caring for an assigned client and notice a superficial ulcer on the client's buttock that appears as a shallow crater involving the epidermis and the dermis. Which of the following stages would you say best describes this break in skin integrity? [Hint]


5 .       When receiving a report at the beginning of your shift, you learn that your assigned client has a surgical incision that is healing by primary intention. You know that your client's incision is: [Hint]


6 .       When assessing a client who has returned to their room post-thyroidectomy, your primary purpose in looking under the client's neck and back is for which of the following reasons? [Hint]


7 .       A client's family asks you to explain some keloid scars that the client developed. The best explaination of the keloid scars would be that keloid scars are: [Hint]


8 .       When caring for an obese client 4 to 5 days post-surgery, who has nausea and occasional vomiting and is not keeping fluids down well, which of the following would you be most concerned about? [Hint]


9 .       You are at the scene of an accident and find the victim has a bleeding lower leg wound. After flushing the wound with water and covering it with a clean dressing, you find the dressing has been saturated with blood. Which of the following would be the best action to take in this case? [Hint]


10 .       When bathing a client who is at risk for impaired skin integrity, the nurse will do which of the following things? [Hint]


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