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NCLEX-PN Review Questions

This activity contains 10 questions.

Question 1.
A client is admitted to the neurological care unit to determine if his symptoms are being caused by a brain tumor. The client is scheduled to have an MRI. Which question by the nurse is most important in preparing the client for the MRI?

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Question 2.
What is the purpose of the sympathetic nervous system in relation to reflexes?

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Question 3.
What physiologic process prevents most chemotherapy drugs from reaching brain tumors?

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Question 4.
A client is being prepared for a lumbar puncture. Which statement by the client reflects a need for further instruction concerning this procedure?

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Question 5.
An LPN is passing a client's room when she hears the sound of the client falling to the floor. She enters the room to find the client in a generalized, tonic-clonic seizure. His teeth are clenched, and it appears he has urinated. What is the nurse's priority action in this situation?

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Question 6.
Which term describes a client who can be aroused only by vigorous stimulation?

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Question 7.
Which of the following clients is most at risk for a brain attack (CVA)?

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Question 8.
Which statement by a nursing student reflects an understanding of Alzheimer's disease?

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Question 9.
What would be the priority nursing diagnosis for the client with Parkinson's disease?

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Question 10.
Within the question text below, there is one text entry field where you can enter your answer.

A brief episode of neurological deficit followed by a return to normal function is commonly called a .  

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