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Multiple Choice

1 .       The understanding that the physical attributes of an object or substance remain the same even if their appearance change is called [Hint]


2 .       A child's focus on one specific aspect of an object. Unable to look at something from different perspectives is called [Hint]


3 .       If the child can attend to all the states of an object from the beginning to the end and notice the changes, it is called [Hint]


4 .       According to Piaget, _____________ is the most noticeable difference between the thinking of preoperational children and the thinking of older children and adults. [Hint]


5 .       Maggie, who was turning four, had her birthday party at a local restaurant. A guest at the party was a person dressed up as a large mouse. Some of the younger children began to cry and ran to their parents. The older children ran up to the mouse and patted it, smiling. This is an example of [Hint]


6 .       What is the name of the theory that explains learning as receiving information through the senses, and then processing that information for use? [Hint]


7 .       A model of the information-processing theory that centers on children's attention level rather than aspects of memory. [Hint]


8 .       If a preschool child fails to learn language, it could be because of [Hint]


9 .       Children's vocabulary development is related to the amount of positive linguistic interactions they have with others. [Hint]


10 .       Jason, who is four years old, still substitutes the /w/ sound for the /r/ sound. He bounded up to his pre-k teacher and said, "I saw a wabbit wunning away!" What can be said about Jason's speech development? [Hint]


11 .       Children should not be given paper and pencil until they can actually read and write. [Hint]


12 .       Not considered a cause for concern in preschool children, _____________ is the printing of letters or words in reverse. [Hint]


13 .       Which of the following is a writing system that associates the phonemes of oral language with letters of the alphabet? [Hint]


14 .       The concept that letters of the alphabet must have fixed positions to maintain their identity is called [Hint]


15 .       Writing that young children created based on their perceptions of sound-symbol relationships is known as [Hint]


16 .       _________________ spelling is based on phonemes that young children create when they first begin to write their ideas. [Hint]


17 .       Conventional spelling that young children learn through direct instruction is called [Hint]


18 .       When children talk about their writing, what they have discussed, or their scripts, they are engaging in [Hint]


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