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Multiple Choice

1 .       Because of the degree of myelinization at age five, [Hint]


2 .       The brain has reached _________ percent of its adult weight by age five. [Hint]


3 .       If the child at age five has not clearly established a preference for either the left or right hand, they should be told to do so before writing instruction can start [Hint]


4 .       The eating behaviors of young children reflect their changing growth patterns as well as both their psychological and physical needs. [Hint]


5 .       Most basic motor skills begin developing at birth and do so [Hint]


6 .       The process whereby certain skills and competencies become localized in a hemisphere of the brain is called [Hint]


7 .       The ability to use one's hands in fine motor skills is called [Hint]


8 .       Optimal growth and development are dependent upon [Hint]


9 .       What awareness do movement activities and simple games help to establish? [Hint]


10 .       What special set of skills do child-created games encourage? [Hint]


11 .       Four- and five-year-olds have developed a number of food preferences. [Hint]


12 .       Which of these statements is not true about the overscheduled child? [Hint]


13 .       Bradley does not like any vegetable that is green. What is the best strategy for his mother to take to encourage him to eat nutritious foods? [Hint]


14 .       Childhood food preferences reflect [Hint]


15 .       The leading cause of injury to four- and five-year-old children is [Hint]


16 .       Which type of playground is considered safer for preschool children? [Hint]


17 .       Frequent hand washing has been found to prevent the spread of bacteria, but not viruses. [Hint]


18 .       Which assessment of a small motor skill would be considered developmentally appropriate for four-year-olds? [Hint]


19 .       Motor development follows a cephalocaudal and proximodistal direction in development. Because of this, what can be said about small motor development? [Hint]


20 .       Physically active children increase their cognitive development as well. [Hint]


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