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Calculating Flow Rates for Intravenous Medications and Duration of Flow

1 .       High dose I.V. methylprednisolone sodium succinate has been prescribed for acute Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation. Each vial is labeled 2000 mg/vial; 5 mL of sterile water is added to the vial so 1.1 mL contains 400 mg. The order is 250 mg added to 50 mL D/5/W. Administer in 2 hours. Drop factor 15gtt = 1 mL. Calculate the flow rate in drops per minute. [Hint]

2 .       A patient is to receive 0.25 mg of morphine sulfate per minute. The infusion has 500 mL with 250 mg morphine. Calculate The flow rate in milliliters per hour. [Hint]

3 .       Your patient has a deep vein thrombosis of the right calf and the physician ordered 500 mL D/5/W with 50,000 u of heparin, 1800 units per hour. Calculate the flow rate in milliliters per hour. [Hint]

4 .       Hyperstat, an antihypertensive IV drug has been prescribed stat for a patient. The order is 3 mg/kg IV bolus. The weight of the patient is 100 kg. The drug is available in a vial labeled 300 mg/20 mL. How many milliliters will you administer to the patient? [Hint]

5 .       Physician has ordered oxytocin (Pitocin) to reduce post partum bleeding after expulsion of the placenta. The order is: add 40 units to 1000 mL 0.9% NaCl at the rate of 20 milliunits per minute. Calculate the flow rate in milliliters per hour. [Hint]

6 .       A patient is receiving an IV of 500 mL D5W with 50,000,000 units of penicillin at the rate of 50 mL/h. How many units of penicillin will the patient receive per hour? [Hint]

7 .       Infuse 2800 units of heparin per hour. The order is add 50,000 u heparin to 500 mL D/5/W. Calculate the flow rate in milliliters per hour. [Hint]

8 .       Order: Nipride 100mg in 500 mL 5% D/W, IV infuse a flow rate of 18 µgtt/min. How many milliliters per hour is the patient receiving IV? [Hint]

9 .       The prescriber ordered 500 mL D5W with the addition of 500 mg of dopamine (Intropin) IV. The patient is to receive 2 µg/kg/min. Weight is 100 kg. How many milliliters per hour will the patient receive? [Hint]

10 .       An IV of 500 mL is infusing at a rate of 25 mL per hour. If this IV began at 7 pm on 4/15, at what time will it be completed? [Hint]

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