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NCLEX Multiple Choice Questions

This activity contains 10 questions.

Question 1.
The nurse provides care to clients residing in an industrial mining and steel producing town. Which of the following clients would most likely have an adverse reaction to the pollutants from the town's industries?

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Question 2.
The nurse is assessing a client who appears asymptomatic yet states that as soon as she enters the work environment she experiences watery eyes, nasal stuffiness, fatigue, and headaches. Which of the following is this client describing?

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Question 3.
Several medical staff members have gone to the employee clinic complaining of a skin rash. Which of the following indoor pollutants is most likely to cause this rash?

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Question 4.
The office manager in a clinic has contacted the bottled water company to request a delivery to last for two months. What could happen to this water?

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Question 5.
A 78 year old male client was admitted to the hospital with symptoms indicative of aluminum and copper toxicity. Which of the following could contribute to this condition?

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Question 6.
During a town meeting, one community member is concerned that the community will not have adequate emergency equipment to support all of the problems that will occur because of the local landfills. For what reason will the emergency equipment be needed?

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Question 7.
The nursing staff in the intensive care unit have been exhibiting irritability and frequent interpersonal relationship conflicts. Which occupational hazard do these symptoms describe?

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Question 8.
The nurse is seeing health care workers in the employee clinic. Which of the following disorders might be linked to radiation exposure?

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Question 9.
After completing an assessment on a client ill from an environmental pollutant, the nurse is identifying appropriate diagnoses. Which of the following would be appropriate for the client with Pattern 1: Exchanging?

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Question 10.
The nursing management staff want to reduce the physical effects of multiple shift rotation on the nursing staff. Which of the following might help to reduce these effects?

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