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Multiple Choice

1 .       Many students with learning problems have s history of math failures. They often: 


2 .       A guideline to help develop positive attitudes in math is:  


3 .       Thornton and Toohey (1985) report substantial literature and indicate that:  


4 .       The Strategic Math Series  


5 .       The teaching of basic rules and algorithms:  


6 .       After the student knows addition facts through sums-to-18,  


7 .       The zero rule in subtraction states that:  


8 .       The BBB rule in subtraction states that:  


9 .       The low-stress method of multiplication:  


10 .       When multiplying any number by _____, the answer can be obtained by subtracting 1 from the multiplier to obtain the tens digit and then adding enough to it to make nine to obtain the ones digit. 


11 .       The rule that states that the quotient multiplied by the divisor equals the dividend is: 


12 .       A low-stress algorithm for teaching the addition and subtraction of fractions is called: 


13 .       A mnemonic strategy that identifies the steps necessary to solve story problems successfully is:  


14 .       A five-step mnemonic strategy that has been used successfully to teach students with learning difficulties to solve word problems is:  


15 .       The use of calculators:  


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