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NCLEX Review

1 .       An adolescent boy asks, "Does the scrotum have a function?" The nurses's best response is: [Hint]


2 .       A nurse is teaching a sex education class for 6 grade girls in a local middle school about the female reproductive system. She explains that the primary components of the external female reproductive system are: [Hint]


3 .       A nurse who is teaching a class about reproductive system correctly teaches that the purpose of the labia minora is to: [Hint]


4 .       A nurse is assessing the pH level of the vaginal environment for a client who is 26 years old. The nurse knows that this is an expected pH level for a client during the childbearing years when she assess the pH level to be: [Hint]


5 .       A nurse is teaching a class of adolescents about the female reproductive system. When the nurse asks the class what is the function of the vagina she know that further teaching is necessary when a student answers: [Hint]


6 .       A nurse is teaching a class on the anatomy of the reproductive system. A student states that she has pain during menstruation. The nurse knows that one reason for painful menstruations may be due to which of the following ligaments? [Hint]


7 .       A male client is having some problems with infertility and is waiting for a report on his semen sample. The nurse knows that the problem may not be related to the pH level of the semen based on the following pH lab value: [Hint]


8 .       During a discussion about the pelvic boney structure a client relates that she cracked her pelvis in a car accident and wants to know the purpose of the pelvis during childbirth. The nurses' best response relating to the purposes of the pelvis are : [Hint]


9 .       A nurse is reviewing a client's record and notices a physician's report of a malformation in one of her fallopian tubes. The nurse knows that she is most at risk for: [Hint]


10 .       Which statement by the nurse best describes the order of the four phases related to the menstrual cycle? [Hint]


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