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Therapeutic Communication
NCLEX Review

1 .       A client, who has had visitors the last two evenings during the unit's regular evening visitors hours, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., asks, "What time can I have visitors this evening?" Which of he following would be the best response to this question? [Hint]


2 .       A client has hinted about problems related to getting along with people at work. Which of the following would be the most effective question to ask in order to obtain further information about the client's relationship with coworkers? [Hint]


3 .       During an assessment interview a client lists numerous problems. A nurse who wishes to structure the assessment interview should respond by saying: [Hint]


4 .       A client, who is frequently late for and sleeps during most group therapy meetings, tells a nurse, "I really get a lot out of those group therapy meetings. They are the most important part of the day." Which of the following would be the best use of constructive confrontation in this situation? [Hint]


5 .       A client appears to be taking extra time and thinking carefully before responding to a nurse's question. The nurse should assess the client's behavior as a sign [Hint]


6 .       A client tells the nurse, "My friends and I never say the word sex. That would be too embarrassing. We call sex 'the big it' when we talk together." This use of words is an example of [Hint]


7 .       After explaining the side effects of a medication to a client, the nurse asks the client if the information has been understood. The client's face is blank and eyes are unfocused. While shaking the head, the client states, "Sure, I understand what you told me." The nurse should evaluate the responses as indicating the client [Hint]


8 .       A client breathes shallowly and looks upward when listening to the nurse. Which sensory mode should the nurse plan to use with this client? [Hint]


9 .       A nurse has been told that a client's communications are tangential. The nurse would expect that the clients verbal responses to questions would be [Hint]


10 .       Which of the following statements by a nurse would indicate an understanding of intrapersonal communications? [Hint]


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