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Soil Erosion and Its Control

Careful study of Chapter 15 in your text will provide an excellent understanding in each of the following essential areas:
  • Significance of Soil Erosion and Land Degradation
  • On-Site and Off-Site Effects of Accelerated Soil Erosion
  • Mechanics of Water Erosion
  • Models to Predict the Extent of Water-Induced Erosion
  • Factors Affecting Interrill and Rill Erosion
  • Conservation Tillage
  • Vegetative Barriers
  • Control of Gully Erosion and Mass Wasting
  • Control of Accelerated Erosion on Range and Forest Land
  • Erosion and Sediment Control on Construction Sites
  • Wind Erosion: Importance and Factors Affecting It
  • Predicting and Controlling Wind Erosion
  • Land Capability Classification as a Guide to Conservation
  • Progress in Soil Conservation
  • Real Value of Soil Conservation

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