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NCLEX Review Questions

This activity contains 10 questions.

Question 1.
Changes in the delivery of health care have required nurses to become more skilled in:

End of Question 1

Question 2.
Wellness is defined as the:

End of Question 2

Question 3.
Effective strategies used by nurses to contain costs and maintain quality health care include:

End of Question 3

Question 4.
What are the dynamic interactive elements contained within the epidemiological triangle?

End of Question 4

Question 5.
What are the global priorities and targets for the first two decades of the 21st century as identified by the World Health Organization?

End of Question 5

Question 6.
What are the predominant barriers to accessing health care?

End of Question 6

Question 7.
The rationale for the increased use of clinical nursing assistants (CNAs) has been to:

End of Question 7

Question 8.
Which document provides for effective, community-based delivery of care in a restructured health care delivery system?

End of Question 8

Question 9.
Which health care activities are representative of primary prevention?

End of Question 9

Question 10.
Which issue has been a major factor in shaping the recent changes in nursing?

End of Question 10

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