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Single-Subject Designs

1 .       A traffic ticket for speeding is an example of an independent variable. 


2 .       Winning the jackpot at the slot machine is an example of a dependent variable. 


3 .       A pharmaceutical company wants to test the effectiveness of a new flu-prevention drug on 500–1,000 people. For this study, a single-subject experimental design would be used. 


4 .       It is appropriate to end the baseline phase if two stable data points are collected and plotted. 


5 .       The amount of time Terrell remains on task has consistently decreased over the last three days. At this point, it would be appropriate for his teacher to initiate an intervention to increase his time on task. 


6 .       The basic AB design does not provide for replication within an experiment that establishes a functional relationship between the independent and dependent variables. 


7 .       Using an AB design, a teacher can make a confident assumption of the existence of a functional relationship. 


8 .       Miss Hoffman wants to decrease her caffeine intake gradually, from an average of eight cups of coffee or soda per day to no more than one serving per day. An appropriate research design for Miss Hoffman to use would be the changing criterion design. 


9 .       With the changing criterion design, a functional relationship is demonstrated if the individual's performance level occasionally matches the continually changing criterion for performance. 


10 .       A multiple baseline design is appropriate to use when the target behavior calls for immediate action. 


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