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Critical Concepts of Canadian Business Law

Critical Concepts of Canadian Business Law Welcome to the Companion Website for Weir and Ellis, Critical Concepts of Canadian Business Law. This site serves as a resource for both students and instructors.

Under Study Resources, the material is organized by chapter. For each chapter, you will find the following items:

  • Chapter Outline
  • Self-Test Questions (in the form of concept completion, multiple-choice, true-false, and short answer questions)
  • Answers to the Business Law - What's Your Opinion? questions from the textbook
  • Links to the Web Destinations listed at the end of the textbook units

Under General Resources, we have included additional material to enhance your use of the textbook. The items provided include:

  • CBC Videos and Case Studies
  • Online Glossary
  • Bonus Chapter - Marketing, Advertising and Criminal Law
Click Video Central to access the supplementary videos.

The Instructor Resources will link you to our protected Instructor Central site, which offers an electronic version of the Instructor's Manual.

We are eager to learn your thoughts about this Companion Website and how we might improve it. Please use the feedback link below to send us your comments and suggestions.


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