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Study Guide

1 .       What percent of boys make up the percentage of all ADHD cases? [Hint]

2 .       Hand washing, counting, and checking are the most common: [Hint]

3 .       Which of the following is a mood disorder? [Hint]

4 .       What two neurotransmitters have been implicated in depressive disorders? [Hint]

5 .       What theory is an interaction model for explaining depression? [Hint]

6 .       In a series of experiments, persons slow to develop classically conditioned responses that indicate normal anxiety or fear have: [Hint]

7 .       One argument of addiction is that addiction patterns vary according to cultural practices and the social environment. This argument supports the: [Hint]

8 .       Jake believes that his thoughts are broadcast to the public due to evil forces. What symptom of schizophrenia is he exhibiting? [Hint]

9 .       In one study, schizophrenic patients who had never taken medication did not differ from healthy control subjects except in the size of the: [Hint]

10 .       After a dramatic break-up of a love relationship and failing grades in all his college courses, Carl withdraws and becomes very depressed. He begins to give his friends "gifts" from among his possessions, and he tries to engage others in conversations about the most painless way of taking one's life. Carl's friends should: [Hint]

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