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Population, Urbanization, and the...
Multiple Choice Questions

Answer the following multiple choice questions. For each question, choose the correct answer from among the four choices.

1 .       Who is it that studies the size, composition, growth, and distribution of human population? [Hint]

2 .       The proposition that the population grows geometrically while food supply increases arithmetically is known as the _________________. [Hint]

3 .       Which of the following statements is consistent with beliefs of the anti-Malthusians? [Hint]

4 .       The three-stage historical process of population growth is known as the _________. [Hint]

5 .       The process by which a country’s population becomes smaller because its birth rate and immigration are too low to replace those who die and emigrate is ______________. [Hint]

6 .       Starvation occurs because ___________________. [Hint]

7 .       Why do people in the least industrialized nations have so many children? [Hint]

8 .       What are the factors that influence population growth called? [Hint]

9 .       _____ refers to the number of children the average women bears. [Hint]

10 .       The annual number of deaths per 1000 population is the ________________. [Hint]

11 .       What factors might push someone to migrate? [Hint]

12 .       According to your text, why is it difficult to forecast population growth? [Hint]

13 .       The process by which an increasing proportion of a population lives in cities is ____________. [Hint]

14 .       What does today’s rapid urbanization mean? [Hint]

15 .       Who first proposed the concentric-zone model? [Hint]

16 .       When a new group of immigrants enter a city, they tend to settle in low-rent areas. As their numbers increase, those already living in the area begin to move out; their departure creates more low-cost housing for the immigrants. How do sociologists refer to this process? [Hint]

17 .       The model which suggests that land use in cities is based on several centres, such as a clustering of restaurants or automobile dealerships is the ______________. [Hint]

18 .       While a sense of community is natural to Gemeinschaft, as a society industrializes Gesellschaft emerges, with relationships based on _____________. [Hint]

19 .       According to Gans’s typology, the trapped include _______________. [Hint]

20 .       What is suburbanization? [Hint]

21 .       The consequence of burning fossil fuels is ___________. [Hint]

22 .       How do conflict theorists explain the energy shortage? [Hint]

23 .       Which of the following presents the greatest threat to the survival of numerous plant and animal species? [Hint]

24 .       Environmental sociology examines ______________. [Hint]

25 .       What is the goal of environmental sociologists? [Hint]

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