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Internet Exercises

  1. Recent Economic and Financial Data.
    Use the following Web sites to obtain recent economic and financial data used for all approaches to forecasting presented in this chapter.


  2. OzForex Weekly Comment.
    The OzForex Foreign Exchange Services Web site provides a weekly commentary on major political and economic factors and events which move current markets. Using their Web site, see what they expect to happen in the coming week on the three major global currencies—the dollar, yen, and euro.


  3. Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, and Global Markets.
    The magnitude of market data can seem overwhelming on occasion. Use the following Bloomberg markets page to organize your mind and your global data.

    Bloomberg Financial News

  4. National Bank of Slovakia and the Slovakia Koruna.
    The National Bank of Slovakia has been publishing spot and forward rates of selected currencies versus the Slovakia koruna for several years. Using the following Web site, compile spot rates, 3-month forward rates, and 6-month forward rates for a recent 2-year period. After graphing the data, does it appear that the forward rate has predicted the future direction of the spot rate?

    National Bank of Slovakia

  5. Banque Canada and the Canadian Dollar Forward Market.
    Using the following Web site to find the latest spot and forward quotes of the Canadian dollar against the Bahamian dollar and the Brazilian real.

    Banque Canada

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