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Creating a Web Page Using AOL Hometown

Several commercial ISPs, like America Online, offer Web design and publishing services to subscribers. Even easier to use than Word for creating Web pages, the ISP services are often as simple as selecting a template and filling in the blanks. As a subscriber to one of these services, you are entitled to a certain amount of free Web server space on which to place your home page. Information on using AOL’s Hometown service can be found at, as shown in Figure C.7.

Figure C.7

America Online offers a service to its subscribers called AOL Hometown, which makes it easy to create and publish home pages.

Creating a Home Page in AOL Hometown

For beginners, AOL suggests using the 1 2 3 Publish feature to create a home page. You use a simple form to create a page, as shown in Figure C.8, click Preview to see the page, and then click Save. Your page is saved in your personal Web space on the AOL server and is instantly available online. After you save the page, AOL will send a confirmation e mail letting you know the Web page’s address.

Figure C.8

America Online’s 1 2 3 Publish feature provides a simple form in which you make selections to design your home page.

1 2 3 Publish allows you to select pictures to match the theme or template of your page. During the second step of the 1 2 3 Publish wizard, click the circle under the picture that you’d like to add. If you want to add your own picture- perhaps one that you took with your digital camera- click the Browse button in step 3, and locate the picture on your computer. AOL also provides some pictures from which you can choose. Click Preview My Page to view the page, including the picture.

To make changes to your Web page, visit the Web page and click Page created with 1 2 3 Publish at the bottom of the page. When the page preview appears, click Modify and then make your changes. Save the page once more. Don’t be alarmed if you see the page appear just as it did before you made any changes. To get a current view of the page, click the Reload button or click Edit, Refresh.

AOL’s Easy Designer tool gives you a little more flexibility than 1 2 3 Publish in designing Web pages, including dozens of templates, multiple graphics and clip art, and access to a personal chat room to which you can include a link. Easy Designer is for the person who understands basic Web design principles and is comfortable with the design process.

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