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Trillian (all-in-one)


Trillian is an interesting development in communication software. An all-in-one messaging hybrid software, Trillian lets you "do it all" from one single interface. From Trillian you can access all the big instant messaging networks: AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, and ICQ, as well as connect to an IRC chat server.

Trillian comes in two versions. There is the completely free Trillian 0.74 - anyone can download and use it to connect to the four IM networks as well as an IRC server. Trillian Pro has all the same instant messaging and chat functionality as 0.74, but it also allows you to send SMS messages install and use Trillian plugins (small applications that add program features), and even work as a personal address book and agenda (as well as much more). Naturally, the Pro version of Trillian is commercial (you have to pay for it), and it can be paid for and downloaded online.

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