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IMC: Advertising and Public Relations
Multiple Choice Questions

1 .       What is integrated marketing communications (IMC)? [Hint]

2 .       What is the main objective of informative advertising? [Hint]

3 .       Setting proper advertising budgets is difficult because ____________. [Hint]

4 .       What two major communication channels do marketers use to convey their product to consumers? [Hint]

5 .       To set its total promotion budget, a company can choose between four common methods: __________. [Hint]

6 .       Which of the following is not an element of communication? [Hint]

7 .       Awareness, __________, ___________, preference, ___________ and purchase are the stages consumers move through in terms of buyer-readiness. [Hint]

8 .       Which is not a factor that makes a message source credible? [Hint]

9 .       When developing an advertising program, marketers must make five major decisions. These are: ______________. [Hint]

10 .       What is the name of the promotional tool aimed at building good relations with a company and its publics? [Hint]

11 .       Which of the following are tools used by public relations departments? [Hint]

12 .       Which type of advertising objective is the most important for mature products? [Hint]

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